Keep Calm and Enjoy Fall!

Ahhh…that slight hint of fall is in the air. Do you get a little bit excited for a new season, even if you don’t have kids returning to school?
I always feel a sense of anticipation and a renewed energy for learning something new this time of year.
In my business, you have to stay on top of the industry trends and changes in all seasons, however, fall is a great time to research some new courses and make a plan for the upcoming months of exciting new ventures!
I am always brushing up, reading up and trying to remain current so that my clients receive the highest standard of service. But, I also enjoy learning something entirely new and with all the online options available it’s a fantastic way to enrich and enlighten my business as well.
This year, I’m hoping to strengthen my editing skills further and take some writing enrichment courses as well.
I love to write for clients as well as myself, and I find a natural incline in that direction lately.
Social media is a fantastic tool, of course, and as always I will be reading up on new trends (which seem to happen almost daily).
If you’re making plans for your business as fall settles in and you’re curious about how an Administrative Consultant (Virtual Assistant) can help, I offer free consultations with absolutely no obligation.
I will sit down (either in person or virtually) with you to discuss your business needs and tailor a plan that best supports your endeavour.
Now, go buy some new pencil crayons and try not to smile!




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