Coordinator of Chaos

Sometimes, in the world of Virtual Assistants, we find it difficult to explain just what it is that we do.

There are many of us who specialize in digital media, social media, real estate, event planning, etc.

But what happens when you’re at a networking event, you have the five minute introduction conversation which includes the awkward answer of …”Well, I, uh, help people with email and Twitter and Facebook and stuff”. (Ok, well maybe not the “and stuff” part, but it’s implied).

Great. (They are probably thinking)  I still have no idea what it is you actually do.

So, let me break it down for you….I am a Chaos Coordinator!  And I love this title so much I think I’m going to get a cape made!

I realize this is still a generalized term, but I do feel it encompasses the overall work that I do.

The name of my company, Zen Business Solutions, is so because I know that business owners are all seeking a little bit of calm within the chaos of everyday life.

Despite what my industry dictates, which is to find a niche market, I work with artists, musicians, life coaches, entrepreneurs of all kinds, and I refuse to limit myself to any one type of client because this is the spice of life!

I am able to transfer all of my administrative skills; which include social media management, email management, article writing, etc. to any and all.

So, if you need a Chaos Coordinator in your life, contact me for a free consultation.




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