Did you Tweet today?

When you became self-employed, did you consider all the social media work that was going to be involved?

Did you get familiarized with Twitter, set up a Facebook page, website and blog?  Check all the entrepreneurial boxes along your way to becoming an independent business owner?

Great! So, when you first started your business I bet you also had a ton of enthusiasm and energy and probably time for all these exciting aspects of being self-employed.  But, like any good relationship, the honeymoon phase passes and then you start to get a little sloppy with housework, maybe you didn’t take out the trash this week, or walk the dog today…and by taking out the trash and walking the dog, I mean posting on your Facebook page and remembering to Tweet something fun, engaging and relevant to your business.

It’s perfectly alright, and by show of hands I’m sure there are quite a few of you that have fallen a little behind (with good reason).  Once you lift the lid on your seemingly successful enterprise, there are more and more demands placed on you as a business owner.

Believe me, even I am guilty of these internet faux pas.  But, as any good social media instructor/business councilor or best friend will advise, these are all very important aspects in owning and operating a successful business.

The statistics are growing exponentially for social media usage and any business owner will tell you that the best advertising is word-of-mouth, which means utilizing these platforms is really, really important to the continued growth and sustainability of your enterprise.

Social Media Usage Stats in Canada

Social Media Usage Stats in Canada

If you are interested in finding out how I can help you manage your social media housework please feel free to email, Facebook, Tweet, catch me on LinkedIn, text or if all else fails call. 🙂

photcredit: http://www.loveinfographics.com/categories/social-media-infographics/canadas-social-media-usage-statistics-infographic-infographic


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