What Is Your Time Worth?


I recently had a discussion with a friend about how he had calculated his hourly self worth.  Now, even though he was being slightly satirical (I think?) he made a good point.  He has figured out what his time is worth to him.  He used a formula of calculating education, experience and total fulfillment to equal an hourly amount.  Don’t confuse this amount with say, an hourly wage; by no means does he realistically think he’ll be able to land a job that will pay him this exorbitant sum.  (Although, that would be nice!) However, it is a great personal gauge for deciding how best to prioritize your time.

I can appreciate the thought behind the idea of deciding what your hourly rate is.  It helps to prioritize not only your personal life, but your work life as well.  In a time where finding work/life balance has become a conundrum maybe if we figure out what our time is actually worth, we’d have an easier time saying “no” to personal commitments that don’t bring us much enrichment or delegating tasks that are occupying too much of our work time.

However you decide to go about it, the sum of the parts that equal your personal hourly rate equals making the most out of life.  We all know that life is short.  By literally putting a value on that time we can easily decide what matters most to us, and which tasks are the most beneficial of our precious time.


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