Best Tips When Hiring an Administrative Consultant (aka Virtual Assistant)

Whether you already have an Administrative Consultant or are thinking about starting a relationship with one, these are a few tips that will help you best utilize the time you are paying for.
First and foremost: communication. It is important to remember that your Admin Consultant is also on a schedule. She (or he) is a professional with, most likely, more than one client. What this means is, in order for her (or him) to maximize the amount of time they spend working on your business, it is important that they schedule all of their clients’ work accordingly.
When you receive emails from your Admin Consultant, remember that it is in your best interest to answer in a timely fashion. We understand that this isn’t always possible, but the sooner you respond, the sooner the Admin Consultant can jump to action on your behalf.
Secondly, spend a little extra time in the beginning of your relationship to train your Admin Consultant. What I mean by this is, if your business is specialized, uses unique software, terms, code of ethics, etc., spending a bit of extra time in the beginning will pay off for you long term because your AC works with the best interest of your business in mind. The better they understand the workings of your business, the better equipped they will be to represent you and your company. Assuming that you explain the way you handle your emails or your clients in general (for example, providing a script) gives your AC an accurate perception that will allow the work they do for you to reflect exactly how you would have done the work yourself. (Allowing you time to spend on tasks that you previously didn’t have time for).
Lastly, trust your AC. Hopefully you have hired a reputable, professional Admin Consultant that values you and your business in that, if you don’t succeed, neither will she. Most AC’s will willingly have you sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, or similar contract, that assures you that any and all information relating to you and your business cannot legally be used or talked about (except for within the confines of the work they are doing for you). This assures you that your AC is trustworthy, and allows you to let go and let the professional do the work they need to without worrying about breach of trust.
As you work together on an ongoing basis with your Admin Consultant you will establish a foundation for these tips and others. The most important aspect of hiring an AC is that your contract with each other benefits each of you. With the right AC, your work will be done professionally, with integrity and in a timely manner that suits your budget and your business philosophy.


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