♫“Ch ch ch changes”♫   Isn’t that how the song goes? It’s currently my theme song, as I watch my 17 year old daughter get her drivers license, a boyfriend and graduate high school all in the same month.

It makes me aware of just how unprepared I have been for all of these changes, ironically the same ones I have been preparing her for for the last 17 years.

Alas, life is change…and so is the world around us. We can either adapt or get left in the dust.

This led me to think about the super fast pace of social media and technology in general today.  When I think back to the infancy stage of these platforms, we were all just learning as we go.  Nowadays however, things are growing rapidly.  Everyday there are new tools, resources to better engage us with the world.

Just as we build a foundation for our kids to go out in the world with the necessary skills, it is as important to build a foundation for your business.  One in which you are engaged with your social connections, through Facebook, Twitter, etc.  As business owners it’s sometimes difficult to find the time to utilize social media fully, to be constantly updated on the latest and greatest innovation coming into the market.

That’s where Zen Business Solutions can help you.  I am constantly learning new skills related to social media.  I am updated daily on what is “abuzz” within this community.  I can help manage and maintain your social media presence in a professional and timely manner.

ZBS offers Social Media Management packages tailored specifically to your needs, so that when your business is all “grown up” you’ll be prepared for the ♫“ch ch changes”♫ and not left in the dust.


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