Spinning Your Wheels


We have all experienced the stress that comes with trying to do it all. Being the boss, the coordinator, the administrator, the web designer, the social media guru, the blogger, the parent, the spouse, etc. etc.

But, let’s remember something here.  What is the goal of this business you’ve created? Is it so that you will reign victorious in some imaginary awards show that you were the “Best Business Owner” in all the land because you managed to somehow stay afloat with the many aspects of running a business and having a personal life?

Even if this were possible, how worn out would you be? How “successful” would you really feel, knowing at the end of the day that you were not focused on any one task but numerous tasks, making it impossible to do a really good job at the thing you set out to do well at in the first place?

Enter an Administrative Consultant, aka Virtual Assistant, namely moi. (smiley face).

I don’t try to be all things to all people.  I use my expertise and experience to work with you to provide a service based support system in which we can build and grow your business (yes, and mine) together.

It is a relationship based environment that allows me to use my skills in order to help you succeed with your skills. (Take a moment here… breathe)

Essentially what this means for you is, instead of waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking about an email you forgot to respond to, or a phone call that you haven’t been able to follow up on because you’ve been too buried in that same email, you can focus on your presentation, your sales pitch, or your next great invention. AND…after you’ve cleared your conscious of that…you can perhaps even call it a day at a reasonable time during the week for dinner with your family or significant other.  Maybe even schedule that golf game, or hour at the spa you’ve been dreaming about and working so hard for, but somehow never have the time to do.

Yes, being your own boss is a time consuming venture, but let’s not confuse “busy-ness” with business.

Stop spinning your wheels.  Create positive partnerships that will allow you to succeed and enjoy your successes! It just makes sense.


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